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Student using his critical-thinking skills when evaluating information from books and the internet

New Tutorials and More Added to Information Literacy – Core

The information literacy landscape is constantly changing. Technologies and the ways in which people communicate evolve. Content is produced and distributed so quickly and across so many formats that it can feel overwhelming to keep up. Skills that allow students to find, evaluate, and communicate information have never been more important.  To reflect this environment, the multimedia content in Information Literacy – Core is regularly updated, responding to trends and changes while always teaching and maintaining at its core the essential critical-thinking skills students need to be discerning users and creators of information. New videos, engaging text and infographics, and checkpoints engage students and expand their knowledge, while new material for instructors helps facilitate lively lessons and activities. The content from InfoLit – Core can be used as a foundation for student skill development in information literacy, critical thinking, communication, and beyond. This summer, four new tutorials were added to Information Literacy – Core.  Introduction to Fact-Checking Fact-Checking empowers students to level up their information evaluation skills, going beyond the surface level information they encounter to dig into the accuracy and origins of the claims they find. The tutorial imparts tips and tricks used by professional fact checkers, including reading

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Dreams of a Cosmos So Grand

Returning to the Moon is key to our future in space. Some argue it is key to humanity’s future. The sun sets and the light dims, carrying our thoughts away from daytime cares to nighttime dreams. Dreams of a cosmos so grand that we cannot help but stand in amazement and wonder: Where did it all come from? How do we fit into that incredible history? Wonder reflects our gaze back, and we begin a grand journey of thought and discovery. Our travelling companions? The stars, the planets, the galaxies … and the Moon. Fortunately, there is a plan to return to the Moon. And at the center of that plan are the high-tech eyes of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO. While Earth dances with color, the Moon is a cold and lifeless grey. But these two bodies are forever linked, their histories winding together through time and space. The Moon is the first object most of us notice in the night sky. Its phases quietly organize our lives and the constant tug of lunar gravity helps shape our planet. But the Moon also pulls on our minds, beckoning us to reach the unreachable. For a Short Time, We

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Beginning researcher using Credo Reference at the library

Credo Databases Relaunched—New Features, Functionality, and a New Name

Infobase is proud to announce that Credo Reference and Source Reference—the award-winning multidisciplinary databases designed to help students improve their research skills while doing research—now both have a new refreshed look, plus Source Reference has a new name: Credo Source.  What’s New Clean new design: The new design is built with the beginning researcher in mind, displaying our breadth of content. Users can launch their research with a keyword search or advanced search, or browse by subject. New dedicated landing pages for advanced search and the Mind Map: The new and greatly improved advanced search tool has a dedicated page that is linked to every other page on the platform. Teach Boolean search techniques and show users how to narrow searches by subject, title, collection, and multimedia inclusion. Plus, our new-look Mind Map helps encourage exploratory search even better than before, as related articles display next to each newly created map on the new page. Integrated Infobase admin site: Credo Reference and Credo Source are now integrated into the Infobase admin portal. Manage all of your Infobase resources in one place! Plus, the admin portal now includes usage boosters—materials to increase awareness and usage of Credo Reference and Credo Source—including

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